About Our Travelers

Travelers Who Want Spontaneity, Flexibility and Unique Experiences​​
We are honored that so many of our guests return year after year for our trips. Over half of our guests have been on more than one vacation with us. They tell us it's because our small groups accomplish what they always sought in their own private travels: spontaneity, flexibility and unique experiences minus the pre-planning and  logistical hassles.  People are very busy these days and it's hard enough to take time for a vacation much less all of the hours involved prior to the trip for planning. 

Independent Travelers Who Don't Have Time to Plan Their Vacation
Most of our guests were the type to travel on their own until they joined us on one of our trips.  The other type of guest this trip is designed for are for those that have not traveled to Europe before. We make sure to point out the hot spots and see the things that are high on your priority list. What we hear most from our guests is that they would have never been able to find all of the villages we show them and what is unique to each village without spending hours and hours of planning and research.  It's a joy to be able to take guests to the most genuine restaurants, provide visits to hidden places, or arrange for a private boat along the Amalfi Coast. These rare experiences are at no additional costs . . . because we want everyone to love Italy, France and Croatia as much as we do and return year after year.

Travelers Looking for More Than a Whirlwind Tour
Our guests come back time and time again; we seem to have created something that appeals to a certain type of person. Villas-and-Vines is not for someone simply wanting to see the historic site, check it off of the list and move on to the next town. It is first and foremost for those typically wanting to have a peaceful vacation and be exposed to a culture that enjoys slowing down and being in the moment with family and friends.



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