Meet Your Hosts

Villas-and-Vines was founded by Anne Connally who is highly respected in the luxury travel industry for creating exclusive and one-of-a-kind experiences for her clients.  

Anne and her husband Dennis  have been traveling to Italy for over 30 years. Traveling in small groups started in the fall of 2010 when Anne found a private villa for exclusive use. Our friends were interested in the villa-vacation concept so Anne began researching until she found the perfect villa for sharing, resulting in a wonderful experience.
With the first trip being a great success, the idea to bring the amazing beauty of Italy to others was born. This private villa concept allowed our special friends to experience firsthand the enchanting lands, villages, and lifestyle that we find so beautiful. We've learned that going to the top ten places guide books mention are nice and informative, but exploring the backroads and lesser known places are spectacular!
Our list of friends and clients continued to grow each year and our "love for Italy" continued as well - so after 25 years in the specialty food industry, we decided to sell our little food company and Villas & Vines was born. Through our connections we've made in the food and hospitality industry we are able to arrange special visits to favorite restaurants, wineries, private gardens and more. This is our way of sharing our dream with you and a few special guests at a time.

Dennis is the perfect partner. We each have our roles and responsibilities and work very well as a team. Anne spends hours researching, planning and making the reservations, while Dennis maps out the schedule and keeps everything on schedule.
As we hope you can see, we love what we do and we look forward to seeing you on one of our trips or allow us to plan a custom trip especially tailored for you. We're committed to doing everything within our power to insure that each trip is a wonderful vacation that's meaningful to you.

We have traveled and tasted our way through Italy for more than a decade with our clients, and each trip has brought a new love for something else we've discovered. We highlight little-known places to visit for great foods, wines, historical sites, and today's local artisans. When not traveling, we reside in Dallas, Texas with Travis our yellow lab.

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