Q: We're used to traveling on our own. Will Villas-and-Vines small group travel suit us?
A: Many of our guests are very experienced independent travelers. Many of our guests travel with Villas-and-Vines because they are tired of handling all the logistics themselves. There are hours and hours of research involved when you aren't familiar with the area.  

Let us handle the details for searching out accommodations, restaurants, wineries, cultural events, and the best towns and places to visit. We also understand that you don't want to be in a large group of tourists following a big umbrella. No worries. Our group size depends on the size of the villa and the maximum is 24 people. We plan to visit a particular town and then the guests are free to venture out on their own in town or they are welcome to follow us. Our  goal is for you to have a very personal experience that is meaningful to you. 

Q:  How soon in advance should I book my trip?  We offer small group travel trips limited by the size of the villa with a maximum of 24 guests. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis, so don't delay in reserving your place. The longest we will hold a place is 5 days without a deposit. To register for our trips, please complete Trip Reservation Form and we will send a secured link to submit your deposit.

Q: We are celebrating a special occasion. Can you arrange something special for us?
A: Our aim is to give clients great experiences and if you tell us what you want, we will do our best to supply it. We often help to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. If you would like us to add flowers, a cake or champagne (please advise your budget), we would be happy to arrange this. If the holiday is a surprise, please mark the booking form with the different address or instructions so that we can help keep the secret! If there is something that is important to you for your enjoyment of your vacation, please do ensure that you put this in writing to us at the time of booking.
Q: I'm a single traveler. Will I feel comfortable?
A: Each year we have a few solo travelers. A few months prior to the departure date, we host a party in Dallas for all of the trip participants to meet the others going on the trip. This has proven to be a great event and everyone has a great time. When we arrive at the villa everyone is excited to see everyone again. This is great for the solo travelers as well as the other travelers. On the night of arrival, we have a welcome party for everyone to meet each other. 

We are happy to assist with locating a room mate if you are interested in sharing accommodations to cut down on the cost. A single supplement is required for individuals who require a single room.  If there is a solo traveler with a single occupancy we have to pass on the extra cost for the room at the villa. We price the villa as if there were two people in the room. 

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance in the event you need to cancel.

Q: Can you create a custom trip for me?
A: Absolutely! We can arrange a private tour for your family, friends, business or alumni organization? We'll be glad to help by creating a special edition of a trip you see on our website, or a totally unique itinerary based on the destinations and activities you want to include. Please call us at 800-929-1078 or email [email protected] with your wish list and let her help you plan an unforgettable vacation. 

Q: Does Villas & Vines offer any discounts?
A: Like you, we like to travel well, but wisely. The Villas-and-Vines philosophy is to include fine amenities and exceptional services in all of our  trips at prices that compare to your advantage with those of other highly regarded tour companies. We feel that our prices are 20 to 30% lower than our competition when all of the same services are compared. Most competitors trips for 7 days cost the same our our trip this is eleven days. We do like to reward our guests who refer friends or who would like us to arrange for a small group of friends to join us. 

Q: If I bring a group of my own, are there any discounts?
A:  Although we do not advertise specific discounts for group bookings it's worth getting in touch if you are planning to bring a larger group on a customized trip. We are able to offer a range of services, discounts and personal touches. These may include discounts for the group organizer, discounts on future trips, complimentary dinner, or a special amenity in your room on the day of your arrival to welcome you on trip.  
Q: What if I don't want to participate in a scheduled activity?
A: There is no problem if you don't want to participate in an activity. That is one of the reasons that we provide rental cars rather than buses for our guests. You may want to order a custom made pair of shoes and not be ready to leave when the group leaves for the next town. Not a problem, just be sure and let us know so that we know not to wait for you when we are ready to leave. We are not able to refund payments for activites that have been prepaid, such as, wine tastings or other meals. These are paid for in advance.

Q: How do I get to and from the trip?
A: When you reserve space, we'll send you information on the location and time to meet. We also discuss the meeting points at the pre-party in Dallas prior to the trip. We are available to assist you with any travel arrangements you need before and during the trip. We are with you on the trip and happy to assist. Generally we meet you at the airport when you land.

Q: What is the best way to book airfare for my trip?
A: We are able to help you book your airfare for the trip as well. Anne is an independent travel consultant and able to book your flights. We can also assist in helping you book any pre and post travel arrangments.
As with most travel agents, there is a small fee associated with booking  air travel tickets unless you purchase a business or first class ticket. 

Q: Will my room have a private bath?
A: Yes. All accommodations with Villas-and-Vines have private bathrooms with double occupancy. 
Q: I am vegetarian or have dietary restrictions. Can you handle this?
A: Yes! We are flexible with our guests that are vegetarians, for example, prior to any trip, we'll have you complete a form asking about allergies, dietary restrictions and sensitivities. We will then notify the restaurants and our chefs beforehand. If you have specific concerns or questions, please call us at 800-929-1078 or email us 

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your hosted trips?
A: We personally research and create all of our trips from beginning to end. We may hire expert local guides to give a private walking tour of a particular city who is well-connected in their region.  We listen to our guests about their particular interests and have flexibility for unexpected events (like a one-day festival or a special invitation into a home) to make your trip unique. Finally, we ask for and pay careful attention to comments from our guests. We use input from previous travelers to make sure your Villas-and-Vines experience meets or exceeds your expectations.

Q: I'm ready to make a reservation. What do I do next?
A: It's easy to make a reservation on one of our trips. Simply call us or fill out our on-line reservation form. We'll ask you for a few quick pieces of information and a non-refundable deposit to confirm your reservation.  Reserve your space in any of the following ways:
1) Call us at 800-929-1078
2) Website: Complete the on-line reservation form

We accept personal checks or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please make checks payable to Villas and Vines.

Q: Can I purchase a Villas-and-Vines gift card
A: A trip with Villas-and-Vines is the perfect gift for your favorite traveler. Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be applied by the recipient toward any Villas-and-Vines vacation, pending availability. Please email us on how to purchase a Villas and Vines gift card.

Q: Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Q: How can I purchase insurance for my trip?
A:Travel insurance helps you plan that vacation you need right now with one less worry. We can recommend a few different companies for travel insurance. You can also ask about travel insurance when you purchase your airline tickets. These are a comments and few recommendations:
1) Contact us about travel insurance.
2) Most policies only covere pre-existing conditions if purchased within 21 days of your initial payment or deposit for a trip.
2) TravelSafe will cover you from unforeseen circumstances before and during your trip. Competitive rates, great value, and a "Cancel for any reason" policy.   www.tmtsf.com
3) Travel Guard is another leading travel insurance company
4)  Travel Insurance is most likely NOT COVERED with your existing insurance policy when you travel outside of the United States. You will need to purchase an additional policy or check with your current healthcare provider. Some executive credit cards include worldwide travel benefits. You should check with them in regards to being covered for medical insurance while traveling.
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