Are We There Yet?
by Anne Connally

Villas and Vines Travel
Perfecting the Art of Vacationing since 2010
I'm Anne Connally, founder of Villas and Vines Travel in Dallas.   I’ve been traveling for over 35 years but it wasn’t until I sold my specialty food business in 2015 that I decided to have a career in traveling. My travels have taken me on some amazing adventures but mostly to Europe. I’m passionate about traveling and discovering new places for its’ culture, food, wine, traditions, and local artisans. So many of my friends enjoyed hearing about my trips that I began hosting small group trips to Europe, especially in Italy, Croatia, Ireland and France.

Through my company, Villas-and-Vines Travel I also offer global travel planning services and I’m based in Dallas, Texas. I focus on  offering unique travel experiences to my clients who are traveling independently. Please feel free to connect with me.

Consider joining me on one of my small group tours to Italy, Croatia, Ireland or France  [email protected] or visit my website

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