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Customer Testimonials
Villas & Vines travelers love to tell us about their experiences on their return. Here you can read some thoughts from past travelers on what it is like to travel with us.
There's been so much that my husband and I have both loved about our trips with Anne and Dennis that it might be hard to keep it to a couple of sentences.  We have traveled to Italy with the Connally's five times since 2010. Every trip has been first class from beginning to end, including our accommodations, meals, wine tours, and shopping trips.  

Kathryn & Jerry
Houston, Texas
Amalfi Coast & Rome

Trips to Italy with Anne and Dennis are our favorites:
They are a magical combination of freedom (do what you want, when you want) and companionship, (group outings, meals, chill-out times and lots of laughter).
Anne & Dennis know so much about the area:  the history, the best views, the best restaurants and wineries (and usually the owners),  the best travel method, (on foot or in a car), the "must see" locations, that it ensures every minute will be well-spent exploring the beautiful countryside.
Anne's extensive research, coordination and first class taste guarantees a luxurious, carefree home-away-from-home.   The villas were so exceptional, we didn't want to leave.
The groups she puts together are hand-selected and result in life-long friendships long after our travel. Our group of nice, friendly people shared a love of authentic surroundings, wonderful food & wine, fun adventures and  top notch vacations!   
Teri and Gilbert
Fredericksburg, Texas

Our trip to the Tuscan region with Anne and the group was perfected with care and consideration for each traveler. Weeks before the travel date an evening was set for the group to meet and acquaint with each other. That, to me, was a very well thought of gesture to make everyone comfortable.

Although we were not touring in one vehicle our group was small enough that very important details were attended to. By this, I mean that since there were five cars traveling we were given a  walkie-talkie for communication just in case we got lost.

Luxurious accommodation was the theme of this trip. The villa was beautifully located amid the rolling hills - not your usual centre-ville style surrounded by traffic. The rooms were spacious and well stocked with American guests' needs.

We enjoyed not only the sights of the region but also the culture of that particular area. We visited a pottery area, met some locals who made a variety of sausages, we also toured a small winery. We even drove to Firenzi for a day trip and soaked ourselves to that gorgeous city's vibrant culture and activities. Our dinners were sumptuous and the bonds that we developed during those times we still carry with us. 
Tita and Henry
Dallas, Texas

Our trip to Italy organized by Anne was an outstanding experience.  Our villa accommodations, food, and transportation were excellent!  Anne is so organized and so familiar with the country that everyday was a wonderful adventure and completely stress-free.  We are looking forward to another one of her trips.
Gayle and Harrell
San Antonio, Texas



We have traveled extensively, and we have never experienced the local wine and food culture experience as intimately as when we travel with Anne.  Every time we take a Villas and Vines tour, we know we learn to enjoy the "foodie" side of ourselves all over again.
Lynn and Tom
Dallas, Texas

Amalfi Coast

After many years of talking about going back to Italy we joined Anne Connally's group for a fabulous time in Tuscany! We stayed for a week in a beautiful Villa near Greve and had a wonderful time with a wonderful group. We were able to see many out of the way places that Anne knows about and enjoyed cooking classes, village tours, excellent food and wine, winery tours, quaint villages, shopping, beautiful gardens and fabulous scenery. It was first class from start to finish.  Anne gave us an invaluable local experience that we could not gave duplicated on our own. We made lasting memories with couples that started out as strangers and ended as friends.  I highly recommend Anne's Villa's and Vines!  
Cheryl and Tom
Scottsdale, Arizona


Have went on one of the Chianti trips . . . and had a wonderful time! I can highly recommend it.
Dallas, Texas
Tuscany Florence


Our trip to Tuscany was wonderful!  Anne & Dennis know so much about the region and offered us great opportunities to visit towns, restaurants and wineries we never would have found on our own.   The accommodations were great, the food & wine were divine and the excursions well laid out, but it was also nice to be able to choose to go with the group or venture off on our own (which we did one day).  We thoroughly enjoyed our travel experience with them and hope to do it again!

Kristen and John
Houston, Texas

Memorable Trip!!  One week in Tuscany exploring quaint villages, picturesque countryside and several wineries in Chianti. The trip was very organized and well planned out. Beautiful accomodations  at our Villa in Chianti, which served as a great home base. Great choices of restaurants and wineries that were reserved in advance. Nice to have knowledgeable and experienced guides that made our experience, one that we will not forget.   Can not wait until we can return!

Linda and Butch
Dallas, Texas

A trip to Italy with Villas and Vines is perfection regardless of whether you have been to Italy before.   On the one hand, you don't have to do any of the work of planning the trip.  On the other hand, you are not on a tour guided trip.   You can stay with the small group or head out on your own.   We primarily stayed with the group as Anne and Dennis have wonderful ideas of what to do and see (and eat and drink).  The accommodations were extraordinary both the villa in Tuscany and the hotel in Florence.   We will absolutely join Villas and Vines on other trips in the future. Simply writing this review makes me yearn for enjoying wonderful Italian food and wine with friends in beautiful Italy! 

Sharon and Greg
Plano, Texas

Traveling can be stressful, but the experience with Anne and Dennis is so relaxing and stress free. Delightful adventures with insights like locals!


Anita and John
Dallas, Texas
Rome & Amalfi Coast


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