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About Our Small Groups
12 to 24 Guests

For travelers looking for more than quick visits the landmarks and monuments before going to the next big city, Villas and Vines offers the alternative. Our itineraries provide time to see the major sites but also allows you to explore the lesser known villages and sites. This slower pace of spending a minimum of a week per location will bring you closer to the lives of the people and their traditions, legendary cuisine, meet local vintners, and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. This is what, we believe, makes a unique vacation something to remember.

Villas & Vines small group trips  are designed to offer personalized service  for discerning travelers who have become accustomed to higher standards.  We take care of the details every step of the way allowing you to experience true and unique places, many off the beaten path to discover charming Renaissance villages, medieval churches, family owned trattorias, local artisans,  amazing food markets and outstanding wineries.  
We hand-select only the best of the best villas and we know the "insider" ways to make your vacation experience special, hassle-free, and truly enriching.  We have a number of private villas that we use depending on the season and number of travelers. Each villa provides its own character and will exceed your expectations.
Our small group journeys  allow you to experience the Italian lifestyle that we love first-hand.  The people are warm and friendly and they invite us to taste their foods and enjoy the wines their family has made for years. If you are looking for a travel experience that is luxurious while staying in private villas when in the countryside and boutique hotels in the larger cities, then our small group trips were designed with you in mind. 
We'll introduce you to the things so easily missed by the hurried tourist.   Enjoy walking the cobblestone streets in the small villages, having a glass or two of Chianti on the terrace of a local trattoria.   Understand and appreciate the local culture by meeting the locals in their markets, vineyards, olive groves and shops. Taste the wines and visit the underground cellars and savor fresh prepared meals from locally grown foods. It isn't uncommon to find local artisans displaying their handmade creations as well; woodcarvers, ceramics, paintings and mosaics, artisan foods, handmade shoes and more. You won't just visit Italy on our trip; you'll live and feel it.   You are encouraged to explore the towns and surrounding area and make the trip as structured or unstructured as you wish. 

Relax in a private countryside estate overlooking the hills adorned with vineyards & olive trees. Discover medieval castles & hilltop towns, boutique wineries, take a cooking class, get to know local artisans, and explore the Renaissance treasures in Florence.   

Instead of rushing in and out of the cities only to visit the more recognizable icons, we will go beyond the stereotypical image of tours guides waving umbrellas, checkered tablecloths, and drinking wine from straw-wrapped bottles. We'll visit the smaller villages known for honoring family traditions and a respect for a past ensuring the preservation of these wonderful treasures. Imagine walking the quaint cobblestone villages where the farmers, artisans, craftsmen and their families have been honing their skills for centuries. 
We've been road-testing our trips for several years in order to make this one of the best trips to experience. In keeping with the spirit of Italy, we keep our itinerary flexible to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, local events, adapt to weather conditions, serendipitous moments and to leave time for wonderful things to happen. In addition, where possible, we have built-in options and plenty of free time so that you can experience the culture and its traditions in a way that's meaningful to you.  Guests are able to do as much or a little as they choose whether lounging on the terrace enjoying a lazy afternoon, enjoying an espresso in the piazza, or shopping for a custom-made pair of shoes.  

We want our guests to experience something unique and  authentic.  Rather than large buses our small groups have the choice of sharing a premium automobile or being driven in a small van.  This allows guests the flexibility to linger longer in the villages, take a side trip to another town or return to the villa if they choose. The comments we get most often from our guests is that they never would have been able to have these experiences on their own or if they had traveled in a large group. 
We pride ourselves in providing you with ongoing, first-hand travel advice and expertise. Please contact Anne Connally today and let your dream vacation in a fabulous villa begin! 



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